Case Study - AMP website



Client: leading luxury resort in Goa

Brief: To create a lightening fast mobile website


Google score

Page load time
1 sec

Page size decrease



As for the client majority of the traffic was moving towards mobile traffic, Templatolio suggested that an AMP website is created to ensure that load time is kept to a minimum. For the same, the entire mobile website was created from scratch using AMP coding. This involved coding not only the text section but also galleries and video sections. This enabled not only that no compromise was made on the content of the website but also that the brand could boast of having the fastest loading mobile website among its peers. It not only loads faster for the users and has reduced load time but also improved the bounce rate, its responsiveness across devices and enhanced SEO results. Takeaways? – AMPs new technology can help boost a website’s loading time and helps give an edge to competition