Brand Cloud

Brand Bloud is our mobile-friendly self-service marketing creative cloud platform which enables organizations and branded networks to instantly localize pre-defined brand-compliant templates for brands, promotional creatives, and collaterals. to help drive agency-like quality in every creative, we supplement the brand cloud with a creative & editorial-managed service all orchestrated with customizable workflow & approval processes


Brand Cloud Creative and Editorial Managed Service

Brand Cloud

so you are now ready to empower your business/marketing teams and your network branches/outlets to execute unlimited print and digital campaigns instantly with built-in brand compliance and not have to depend on an agency but are unsure of quality? be rest assured, templatolio provides creative & editorial managed service with brand cloud to ensure agency-like quality in each self-creative marketing creative and collateral.

A “Brand Cloud” typically refers to a visual representation or a graphical representation of a brand’s identity, attributes, and associations. It’s often used to depict the various elements that make up a brand’s image and how they relate to one another. In a brand cloud, words, phrases, or concepts related to the brand are presented in a cloud-like shape, with more important or prominent aspects displayed larger or in a central position.

#1 Core Values

Words or phrases that represent the fundamental values of the brand.

#2 Key Attributes

Descriptive terms that define the brand’s characteristics and features.

#3 Key Customer Perceptions:

Words or sentiments that reflect how customers perceive the brand.

#4 Competitive Analysis

Terms related to the brand’s position relative to competitors.

#5 Emotional Associations

Words that express the emotions or feelings connected with the brand.

#6 Visual Elements

Graphics or icons that are associated with the brand, such as logos or symbols.