Case Study - Hospitality Marketing



Client: A leading luxury hotel in Goa

Brief: The client was heavily reliant on sales from offline & third-party channels with their own website not driving significant bookings. Impact on brand organic search was also likely due to a brand change from a global brand to an independent stand-alone brand.


website revenue

website bookings

website traffic

search traffic

Facebook page impressions

Facebook page views



At the onset, Templatolio undertook on-page technical website changes as well as off-page content development & submissions to ensure high search visibility and navigated the client to ensure their search rankings did not suffer during the brand migration. Existing website was analysed using Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) which indicated the areas and reasons for the high degree of drop-offs and bounces from the website and these recommendations were implemented to correct deficiencies on the website. In parallel, digital & offline strategy and plans were implemented and SEO, SEM, and Social Media Marketing campaigns were initiated to drive brand awareness, leads generation & conversions. In parallel, a new multi-lingual website leveraging expansive design, luxury segment positioning based look & feel, UI/UX & navigation best practices was developed and launched in an aggressive timeframe of 2 months. The sustained marketing campaigns and the new website resulted in a dramatic increase in targeted outcomes for the client viz. revenue increase from website as well as other online channels including OTAs, website traffic growth, search rankings, and audience base & engagement increase on social media platforms. Further innovation was provided to the client with a multi-lingual AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) mobile website which loads in under 1 second.