Case Study - Social Media Marketing



Client: Leading global healthcare service provider

Brief: To generate leads for joint replacement surgery from patients in international market


website leads

leads from target group


Cost per lead




Templatolio suggested that the campaign be run via Facebook as this will provide for better targeting. The main concern for client was whether the target group i.e. the age group of 45-64 are available on Facebook and can they be targeted well for a niche campaign such as this. Via multiple optimization and targeted processes including A/B testing, Templatolio ensured that the campaign resulted in not only a large number of leads coming from these countries wherein the majority of the leads not only came from the target age group but also from children looking after their parents. And most importantly from a business perspective, the conversions were healthy which led to a very high ROI for the entire campaign. Takeaways? – the senior population is not only present on Facebook but are active participants in it as well